These are photos of the Friday night social and Sunday afternoon tour of Wilson High School.  For complete reunion photos to to;

Vicky Newberry, John Colangelo, Bill Abrams

Rosanne Grimes

Bill Penderson and Donnie Brisco (1961)

Vicky Newberry and Bill Abrams


Entrance to Wilson High School

Lynda Bryson and Carolyn Crowell

Lynda Bryson and Lura Gordon

John Colangelo, ?, Jim Nesmith, Cheryl Wllis

Joanne Bucanan

Walter Levy and John Colangelo

John Currie

Fountain in Quad pre 1990

John Newport

Carolyn Crowell, Susan Nicholson, Vicky Tuten and Mary Quinn right rear

Jim Nesmith, Dee Dutro (63) & Cheryl Willis

Marilou Singleton

Ken Sams

Joanne Bucanan and Phil Bryson

Bert Hall

Buzz Lyon and Mary Quinn

Pam Hart

John Colangelo

John Newport

Paul Albus and Ken Mino

School Mascot and Principal

1962 Class Time Capsule