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Did you know Wilson uses the Cardinal and Gold colors of USC and the Bruin  mascot of UCLA? 
This page has been updated to reflect those colors.


Hello fellow classmates!

Your reunion committee is organized and planning a reunion weekend Oct 7, 8 & 9 in 2016.  The main event, Saturday, Oct 8 will be held at the Long Beach Yacht Club with a pre-night gathering on Friday October 7 (location to be determined), and on Sunday a CAMPUS TOUR of Wilson with Picnic. 

You can contact your reunion committee at .   This email address will be active for many years after the reunion.

Patti Gehrke from the class of 1968 has been recruited to help with your 50th Reunion. (Patti is Bill Gehrke's little sister from '68).  Patti has helped past reunion committees; 1960, 61, 62, 63, 65, 68, 69, and 70 with their reunions and she has had such impressive success that your reunion committee has asked her to put on the best 50th reunion ever for their classmates.

Those helping to organize and make phone calls are Steve Leavitt, Jan Cole, Diana Neushutz, Pam Chapin, Donna Sievers, Margaret Burdge, John Wilson, Susie Swanson, Joanie Webb, Martha McIntosh, Leslye Shelley, Kathy O'Bryan, David Adler, Linda Cummings, Kilby Williams, Barbie Rode, and Sue Hayles -- we are making tons of calls trying to locate everyone.  The more people we find, the more people will attend... and you know the old saying... "The MORE the MERRIER!"

This is a huge task to try and locate all of your fellow classmates of 1966.  Please help by completing the Registration Form and send your reunion committee your contact information.  Remember, it is your responsibility to keep your reunion committee informed on any changes in name, address, or email.

Now that your reunion committee has contacted us, this web page will be your class bulletin board and point of contact for future years.  You will always be able to send your contact information via this Registration Form.

The maintenance of your class database is done by your reunion committee and this web site forwards all information to your committee.  The class of in66 keeps your records, not the class of 1962 which runs this web site for all Bruins.  We do not sell or share information.  Your privacy is maintained.

Remember it is your responsibility to keep your reunion committee informed of your current contact information.

This web site is owned by members of Class of 1962 Reunion Committee and supported by donations from Wilson High Classmates.  This is an all volunteer effort and the little income donated by the reunion committees and classmates is used to keep this web site on the internet.  If it is within your budget, please send us a donation.


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