Hey Classmates
We just received this message from Pat Brooks who is traveling the world in his sail boat
We really are not sure what is in our future plans, but will be spending the rainy season (next 6-8 months) in the Balboa, Rep. de Panama area. We have spent the last five years traveling south from Mexico, transiting the Panama Canal, up the east coast to Belize then back thru the Canal. It is time to do some repairs to our boat, while seeing if we even like living on land. We did purchase a condo in the Balboa area about a year and a half ago; and are setting it up to either live part time in or rent out. Normal new condo's in this area come very empty (no light fixtures, no water heaters, no phone/tv cables, no stove, no ect.) so it is kind of a challange setting it up.
Best Regards, Pat Brooks

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