Woodrow Wilson High School Class of 1962 Reunion in Long Beach Californi

1962 Reunion

This information updated Friday November 02, 2018

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Ken Mino died Sept 2018

John Colangelo reports Sue has passed.

Barbara Lee Message
 Follow this link

John Goodman passed February 25, 2018
from cancer

Jim Munholland
has a new motorized wheelchair and he has a new healthy perspective on living with his paralysis. 
Watch this video

Bill Matlock
Passed Jan 26, 2017

Buzz Lyon
Passed March 25, 2016

Wanda Vasquez is alive and well in Long Beach.

Walter Brown
Passed July 2014

Natalie Roberts Tinnan
Passed June 2014

Sandra Hassey Ruyle
Passed March 2014

Joanne Hartley Pearson Passed January 2014

Maureen Malone has been located living in El Paso Texas

 New Message from Pat Brooks in Panama

Donna Hocking Severson is living in Seal Beach, LW

James Kimberling is living in San Marcos

Scott Hagee now owns Pheasant Valley Winery

We held the best reunion ever on August 25, 2012

50th Reunion Committee assembled to mail invitations

Class of 1962 - The Greatest Class Ever
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55 YEAR REUNION There will not be a 55th Reunion

FACEBOOK - Our class now has a private group within Facebook.  It is designed where classmates can stay in contact with other classmates.  Please take the time to register on Facebook and join our group.  The Group name is "Long Beach Wilson Class of 1962"  We just updated it to describe the reunion activities.

1962 Time Capsule   After discussions with former class officers. We have concluded there is nothing important in the time capsule so we have cancelled all effort to dig it up.

55th Reunion 2017  Talking to Mark Masterson the other day and he suggested that there will probably not be any more reunions after the 50th and I assured him that there WILL be a 55th reunion. Because of the fall of Jim Munholland, there was little motivation to hold a 55th.  Lets hope for a 60th. We sill have 500 classmates living in 2012 so there should be a few left in 2022.

50th Reunion 2012.  The reunion is over and we have some very fond memories of the activities.   By far this was the best reunion yet and it was caped off with a tour of Wilson High School which was very interesting with hidden passage ways and hidden spiral stair wells to secluded faculty lounges.  The 1962 time capsule is still untouched and I am suggesting we open it to include info for the 50th reunion.  Talking with class officers from 1962, they say there is nothing of interest in the time capsul and not worth the $500 cost of opening it.  Consider it a dead issue.

Web Site Changes Thanks to contributions from classmates and reunion committees, the web site WilsonHighReunion.com can now afford its own HOST service and will not be sharing host services with Halling.com.  You will not be able to recognize any difference, however some classmates may have saved the old host address in their browser favorites and they will need to update their browser favorites list.  Keep those donations coming in.

Wilson Trivia   The Wilson class colors (Cardinal and Gold) and the Wilson Bruin Mascot were adopted from USC and UCLA. These were the two primary colleges at the time Wilson High was opened

A little bit of history - The Fairlanes Click on this link and bring back some memoris

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